Building your menu can be intimidating,

but here are some easy tips to get you started:

  • Pick the style of your party.
  • Think about the design and feel of the event and the comfort of your guests.
  • Answer the questions below to select the serving style that’s right for you.
Hors d'Oeuvres

  • Do you want a relaxed atmosphere where your guests mingle and eat at their leisure?
  • Is seating limited at your chosen venue?

The Hors d’oeuvres Menu may be the right choice for you.

Menu Building Tips:

  • Add Fruit & Cheese or Something Sweet
  • Need pass by hand appetizers for a cocktail hour?
  • Choose 3 or more Hot Appetizers Choose 3 or more Cold Appetizers
  • Include a Signature Station or something from the Seafood Section
  • Pick 1 or 2 Premium Meats. Make one a Carving Station or Hot off the Grill…
  • Choose three from the Without a Fork or Canapé Sections of the Hors d'oeuvres menu.


The Premiere Plate

  • Do you want a formal affair?
  • Do you like table service?

The Premiere Plate menu offers fabulous choices for a formal affair with beautiful plate presentation.

Menu Building Tips:

  • Are you offering a cocktail hour? If so, choose appetizers for your guests as they visit the bar or beverage station and mingle.
  • Have our staff butler pass two or three selections or set up a table display for self service.
  • Pick your entrees. One to two entrees per plate is best. If you want more than two entrees, consider the Traditional Buffet.
  • Pick two sides that work well with your entrees. We suggest a starch and green vegetable for a well rounded meal.
  • Choose a salad. Salads can add a pretty touch to a table when preset before the guests arrive.
  • Choose a dessert. Really go all out here. This can be the most memorable part of the meal.
  • Yeast rolls, butter, iced tea and coffee are included with the meal.
  • Check out our Beverages section to see all we have to  offer.
  • Wine served at the table with a plated meal adds an elegant touch.
Traditional Buffet

  • Do you want everyone to sit down to eat at the same time?
  • Can everyone sit comfortably at one time?
  • Do you want a full meal that offers nice variety for your guests?

The A la Carte menu gives you the flexibility to make it casual or formal.

Menu Building Tips:

  • Decide on your entrée
  • Add variety with more than one entrée
  • Choose at least two sides
  • Pick a salad that works well with the meal. We can preset at the table or serve on the line.
  • The grand finale ~ dessert; it may be hard to pick just one, or substitute for an additional side
  • Buffet comes complete with yeast rolls, iced tea and coffee
  • Maybe add some appetizers for mingling time when the guests first arrive.

Having a morning event or want something different? Think outside the box. Think brunch or breakfast and consider our Brunch and Bubbly Menu.

“Breakfast doesn’t pay attention to the clock. Have brunch any time of day!” Put together any combination you want.  Anything goes here!



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